Obsession with light.

What is this obsession modern designers have with turning rooms white? I can understand the desire to bring more light into a room. Some of these old homes have dark cave like rooms and could stand a bit more light. But by the time a designer 8s done with a space there isn’t a single nice dark set of shelves or rich dark colored wall. Instead everything is some shade of white or a pale cream or other pastel. No rich color is permitted in a design.


Chopped errors.

Even if you don't like a basket ingredient ignoring it or just putting it on the side is never a good option. Just watched an excellent chef get cut because of how he didn't handle a basket ingredient. Look Jeffery Zacharian said up front that yes the basket ingredient didn't fit with the offered plate. The thing is ... The contests challenge is to take the four basket ingredients and some how make them all work together.

The better your dish while fitting the four ingredients into your meal the better you meet the chopped sub game.

Oh Windows I hate you I like you. :p

So I've been living with my new computer for the last 4 months since my old preferred computer died. [Yeah I finally got it fixed and running again but ..] So one of the things driving me nuts is that I can never find the mouse pointer. For whatever reason the screen seems highly washed out no matter what I did.

Today I finally remembered that you can change the mouse scheme. It is set under mouse of course and I changed it from the white that was washed out to black which stands out nicely against this computers screen. :p

Just another one of those windows things that drive me nuts.

Off the grid.

So I was a bit amused to be watching "Building off the grid: Blue Sky". The person building the ranch talked about how Living and building off the grid is really just a throwback to how people used to live. My immediate thought was and there is a reason they went on the grid as soon as they could.

Mind you with the appropriate items you can provide yourself the benefits of being on the grid. You'll need solar, wind, maybe hydro, and likely a generator of one type or the other. Building a ranch in Montana is going to limit your power options. Ah found it, they use propane to run their generators. I figured it had to be some type of generator because of the various power tools and power usage I see in the show. While I'm certain they would definitely want that as back up I'm uncertain how the costs work out compared to running actual power out to the ranch house.

Additionally you need water purification and heating. Particularly in Montana.

Janet Kagan Author of the Fantastic

Janet Kagan was a fantastic science fiction and fantasy author who three fantastic novels in her life and a miscellaneous collection of short stories scattered here and there. The novels are Mirabile the story of a colony's struggle to survive after arriving at its destination with the added aggrivation that the extra help provided the voyage from Earth at the start isn't that helpful. Not when you have to deal with biting cockroaches, kangaroo rexes, and frankenswine all being born without prediction from your animals. Just because Earth was being helpful one day and provided you extra redundancy on your animals. A word of advice if Earth does help you that way don't lose the instructions when your colony ships crash land. The book is available now in ebook from from Baen Books.

Her second fantastic work Hellspark is a marvelous book exploring everything from what are cultures to what it means to be human to even what is intelligence.  It is a great books following the adventurs of Tocohl Susumo, Hellspark, Pilot, Linguist, and Polyglot as she attempts to carry out a job on distant Lassti otherwise known as Flash Feaver.  It should after all be a simple job determine if an alien race has a language and if so how to speak it.  Go buy it and read it.  You won't be disapointed. It is also found at Baen Books.

The next full novel is Uhura's Song.  Yes yes that Uhura as this is an official Star Trek novel, original series book 21.  This one I have fond memories of but only discovered recently the ebook copy at Amazon so I can't give a good summary.   But the book can be found here .

And last I find also at Baen and new today a book of short stories of Janet's that I have never read.   So I have a real treat instore for me.   This is The Collected Kagan and is as mentioned a collection of short stories and novella's by Janet Kagan that interestingly I hadn't read before.   Again found at Baen here.

These books are all well worth buying and adding to your library yesterday.  Don't wait a moment longer jump in your local time machine and go buy them now.
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Amazon doesn't know how to make recommendations anymore

So Amazon has broken their recommendations page.  Clearly they are chasing the mobile app idea but clicking on recommendations went from being sort of useful to utterly sucking.    Mind you if you drill down on recommendations you can make it work but still it frankly sucks big time.  ::sigh::

New board layout. :(

I'm not really all that happy with the new board layout.  Though I did find that I could see my friends pages in the old layout fairly well it still is taking some adjustment.
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New Itunes is annoying

So I of course got "offered" the new itunes and I went ahead and downloaded it.   Generally it seems to be improved over the previous vesion but when I synced my iPad 1 with it about 1800 of the books i had in my libary decided they didn't want to sync so after fighting with it for 2 hours I am now 737 books out of 1810 restored maybe.  I'll have to open ibooks and see if the books have reappeaed.

::sigh::  Why is it the new and improved systems always are buggy?
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What happened to Firefox?

Once upon a time Firefox was a good efficient browser.  Now it has become bloated and slow.  I was looking at it today with flash suppressed and it is taking 450K of RAM to run.   Chrome on the other claw with the same addins running only takes 60K.   WTF!
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